Feelings of joy and excitement fill the air as Kris Kristofferson joins Rosanne Cash for a legendary performance celebrating Willie Nelson’s 90th birthday. Video

How about a legends’ reunion! In honor of legendary Willie Nelson, singer/songwriter Kris Kristofferson and Rosanne, the daughter of Johnny Cash, collaborated on a stirring performance of ‘Lovin’ Her Was Easier.’

Before Rosanne and Kris had opened their mouths to sing, their partnership had the crowds standing!Seldom do you find so many legends in one place at once.

One of the most well-known singer/songwriters in American history is Kris Kristofferson, and Rosanne Cash is a formidable performer in her own right.

Observing the two work together in Willie Nelson’s honor was a very remarkable event.
Kris wrote a lovely song titled ‘Lovin’ Her Was Easier’ back in 1971.

The song is ideal for this birthday party since Willie Nelson famously covered it.Watching this performance, hundreds of thousands of people were struck with emotion.

‘Well done, Rosanne, for inviting a Kris to the stage. He is and always will be a music legend. This is amazing,’ an admirer said.What a lovely performance. made me start to cry. So lovely,’ remarked someone else.

Kris is 87 years old, but this event was held in honor of Willie’s 90th birthday! Despite being ill at the time of the performance, he gave it his all on stage.

Watch the stirring performance by Kris Kristofferson and Rosanne Cash in the video below. It makes me cry!

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