Kelsey Grammer becomes emotional while thinking about the beloved show ‘Frasier’ Co-star

Kelly mentioned in a YouTube video how much she appreciated the special and endearing manner the most recent ‘Frasier’ revival paid tribute to the late John Mahoney.

Fans of the first ‘Frasier’ season will recognize John as the endearing, witty father of Frasier and Niles. Ahoney’s bar, that’s right, Kelsey replied. ‘John is the baby’s name.’

Kelsey turned around and glanced at a photo of herself and John during the interview. At that point, the tears began to fall.

Kelsey remarked, ‘Aww, I loved him.’ However, once John passed away a few years ago, I suddenly realized that we couldn’t do the act without paying tribute to him. We simply are unable to.

What a touching and charming show. It’s clear that Kelsey loved John very much, and even though his passing occurred a few years ago, he still feels a tremendous deal of anguish over it.

Kelly and Kelsey exchanged a few tears before discussing something else regarding the “Frasier” revival.

Since the “Frasier” reboot is set in Boston, she was curious if any of the iconic sitcom ‘Cheers’ from the 1980s would be making an appearance.

It goes without saying that ‘Frasier’ is a spin-off of ‘Cheers,’ where Dr. Fraiser Crane originally made an appearance.

Kelsey shot that down in a hurry. He did, however, suggest one ‘Cheers’ character he would really like to see in the ‘Frasier’ revival.

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