The Dog-Acting Rooster Likes to Read the Newspaper. Cutest video below

Bree always goes with his owner, even through a baby gate and into the adjacent room. He is her companion during the day and assists with making the bed. People who own dogs can understand it.

He enjoys having spa days several times a week, and Camille changes his underwear several times a day when he’s wearing it at home.

If you’re wondering how Bree ended up living with her dogs, Camille tells you that he was raised with them after being saved as a chick.

As we observe Bree and the dogs together, strolling around the home and enjoying snacks, Camille tells us, ‘Bree thinks he’s a dog.’ It’s evident that he gets along well with those dogs.

Especially, Bree adores his grandfather. Camille describes how her father just goes to Grandpa when he comes around.

She states, ‘My Dad and Bree have a very, very special bond.’ They’ll talk in-depth about it. Together, they will read newspapers and magazines.

It’s evident that Bree is genuinely a member of the family in addition to being adored. ‘I don’t see a chicken

or a rooster when I look at Bree,’ continues Camille. I see a kind, inquisitive, wise, and humorous person who belongs to my family.

It is such a pleasure to welcome an animal into your home, show them affection, and receive that love in return. Should we all discover love like that.

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