Jennifer Hudson Performs Stunning Duet With 14-Year-Old Viral Teenager

Ms. Hudson exudes warmth, friendliness, and an astonishing honesty in her interactions with her guests.

And isn’t she just stunning? Her bright blue and green outfit, her purple nails, and her hair are all things I adore.

She finds out that Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, Ariana Grande, and Aretha Franklin are among Reid Wilson’s musical inspirations throughout their conversation.

Reid calls himself one of Jennifer’s biggest followers and enjoys listening to soulful music. Every morning when he prepares his bed and goes for walks, he claims to listen to Ms. Hudson.

Reid says he has been singing since he was a ‘little kid,’ but he has just recently started working to make his ‘screaming’ sound more disciplined and under control.

Reid was inspired to begin taming his powerful voice by his brother, 16-year-old Ryley Tate Wilson (also known as Ryley Tate,

and a semi-finalist on The Voice, Season 23), who uploaded a video of Reid with his own vocal coach. Reid started to get busy at that point, and he has been uploading films for almost a year.

‘Y’all give him a hand cuz he’s a baby, and he knows he is,’ the Chicago native and American Idol alumnus says,

asking for applause for Reid at the 2:00 minute mark. Reid doesn’t object at all, even though it’s quite motherly and lovely.

He is really polite and has already said ‘Yes, Ma’am’ at least twice during their conversation. The young man and the artist both exhibit extraordinary humility.

Reid talks about his reaction when he found out he had been invited to The Jennifer Hudson Show. He talks of being excited

and yelling while sprinting around the house and flailing his arms. Additionally, we witness the two singing a section of ‘Ain’t No Way,’ from Aretha Franklin’s 1968 album, together around 3:20.

Reid plays with powerful, deep, and passionate notes, while Jennifer complements him admirably. Reid has

certainly got incredible musical skills, much like Ryley Tate—at the piano and bringing the duet home with the last few lyrics!

Reid, a homeschooled youngster, has many hobbies outside singing, however his dream job is to become a professional singer.

He likes baseball, soccer, gymnastics, baking, and crocheting. Reid seems to have a very bright future!

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