Retiring doctor amazes coworkers with his impressive ability to skate. Video

Dr. Phillip Masterson, a physician in Texas, displayed his impressive skills on wheels to commemorate his retirement day.

In the video shared on YouTube, Dr. Masterson, a highly skilled medical professional with nearly four decades of experience, moves with remarkable ease throughout the medical facility.

The video highlights how the doctor wanted to make an impression on his colleagues by showcasing his roller-skating skills to the office staff.

In the brief video, the doctor smoothly glides back and forth in front of the desk, effortlessly executing the movement even in reverse.

This doctor is incredibly skilled! It’s evident that he successfully surprised his colleagues and may have even startled them a bit.

Dr. Masterson increases his speed around the 20-second mark. However, as he continues his journey, he suddenly performs a quick spin and changes course,

swiftly covering a short distance before coming to a stop. A woman sat at the desk, her hand resting on her chest, displaying a clear sense of worry for the doctor’s welfare.

You can be confident. This doctor is incredibly talented and well-informed!

Dr. Masterson’s incredible skating exhibition captivates the crowd, leaving them in awe as they scramble to capture this unforgettable moment on their phones.

Here’s to a fantastic retirement for the roller-skating doctor, filled with joy and achievements!

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