Six-Year-Old Has Amazing Ability With Numbers And Math Problem Solving…Video

First-grader Nathan Katcher is proficient in arithmetic. He begins his conversation with Jennifer Hudson by discussing how,

at the age of 3.5, he began to learn math. He began to count the busses, reaching 500. How amazing!

Jennifer then queries his mother Rachel about her first impression of his aptitude for arithmetic. In addition to counting buses,

she claims that he used to count to large numbers and convert them into minutes during preschool instead

of napping during downtime. ‘I counted to 1,265 today, so that was 22 minutes,’ she would add when he got home.

Right there on the television, Jennifer asks Nathan to solve some math problems. Nathan begins by defining 45 x 2 and 45 x 3 and so forth.

He then proceeds to solve a challenging arithmetic task that Jennifer offers him, and he does so rather rapidly.

Then his mother offers him a math problem that is considerably more difficult and involves square roots. What a bright young man!

Known as ‘Nathan the Number Kid’ on social media, Nathan has gained a lot of popularity and appears to be inspiring everyone around him.

If his arithmetic skills are this strong at first grade, just think of how much better he can get. His talent, or ‘superpower,’ as Jennifer Hudson refers to it on her show, is pretty impressive.

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