Some have said that the second Super Bowl commercial with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez is the best they’ve seen in years, and they’re not wrong.

It’s always entertaining to follow A-list celebrity couples, and one of the most iconic duos is Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, or simply ‘Bennifer.’

One of the first times a couple’s names have been used in this manner is with the word. It is well known that

both artists have had successful careers. Lopez is an actress and singer, while Affleck is an actor and filmmaker.

The pair’s dating past is colorful. On the ‘Gigli’ film set in 2001, the two actors got to know one another.

In 2002, they started dating, and in 2003, they announced their engagement. Unfortunately, the couple’s wedding was rescheduled, and in 2004 they chose to call it quits.

Nonetheless, the pair established themselves as a well-known celebrity couple while they were together.

The two of them were shown cuddling in a ton of paparazzi images that often made news. When Affleck appeared in Lopez’s music video for the song ‘Jenny from the Block,’ this publicity continued.

After becoming single once more in 2021, Affleck and Lopez made the decision to reunite. Lopez announced their relationship

on social media in July of that year. They got married in July 2022, one year later, and were formally pronounced husband and wife.

Given that Affleck is a native of Massachusetts, it is not shocking that he has occasionally visited Dunkin’ Donuts.

Additionally, in February 2023, he and Lopez made waves with their humorous Dunkin’ Super Bowl advertisement,

in which Affleck was spotted working behind the counters at the iconic coffee business while Lopez made an appearance as a customer using the drive-through.

The power couple is back with a sequel to their viral ad, this time featuring their famous friends and a deeper level of humor in a Dunkin’ Donuts Super Bowl advertisement.

Affleck and Lopez were reportedly seen working at the coffee chain in January 2023, though perhaps not in the manner you might have imagined,

according to NBC Boston. Lopez dashed through the drive-through lane to retrieve her glazed donut, as Affleck stood behind the counter taking orders.

Dunkin’ allegedly wrote online, ‘SOMETHING’S BEN BREWING,’ purposefully substituting the word ‘Ben’ for the word ‘been.’ Online fans understood the reason behind the commotion as well.

And on February 12, 2023, it became evident why the actors were working for the coffee chain—they were the highlights of a

funny Super Bowl commercial for Dunkin’ Donuts. When the advertisement ran during the football game, fans took to it right away.

The ‘Good Will Hunting’ actor looked very comfortable in the film, taking orders and astonishing customers as they approached the drive-thru window.

When his own wife drove through the line, the actor was taken aback and wondered if this was what he meant when

he said he was going to work. Affleck remarked, ‘You’re embarrassing me in front of my friends.’ Even yet, Lopez was unable to decline the request for a donut.

Several snippets from the commercial were shared on Instagram by the coffee chain. ‘They say go big or go home,

so Ben went big and came home to Massachusetts,’ said the caption for one of the videos. Someone else remarked, ‘I can’t believe it’s you.’

The commercial’s hilariousness delighted fans, who posted numerous laughing emojis on Instagram. Some even went

so far as posting their own jokes on Instagram. ‘One of my favorite deleted scenes from Good Will Hunting,’ remarked one commenter.

Although it’s difficult to think of anything that tops the humorous ad, Affleck and Lopez succeeded in doing so once more for the 2024 Super Bowl with a little assistance from their famous friends.

On February 11, 2024, during the Super Bowl, Affleck and Lopez ran a second spot that was an incredible hit commercial.

The commercial from the previous year was directly repeated in this one, with Affleck determined to exact revenge on his wife by paying her a visit at work.

Affleck began the video by outlining his strategy to rapper Jack Harlow, who made an effort to dissuade the celebrity.

Not to be discouraged, Affleck went on to break into a recording studio where Lopez was working, accompanied

by his lifelong best friend and fellow A-list actor, Matt Damon, as well as former NFL quarterback Tom Brady.

Adorned in gaudy tracksuits in the iconic orange and pink hues of Dunkin’ Donuts, Affleck made a dramatic appearance,

upsetting his wife by joining what appeared to be a boyband named the ‘DunKings.’ Brady was a good sport and played Affleck’s keyboard player,

while Damon was far less enthused and gave his friend only a token amount of assistance. As Lopez and rapper Fat Joe watched in dismay,

Affleck burst into a poorly planned dance, adding to the humor. Lopez’s response after Affleck concluded his ‘performance’ was quite telling. She said, ‘We talked about this.’

Fans of the commercial on social media loved it. ‘The greatest Super Bowl commercial went to Dunkin.

It’s hilarious, features well-known celebrities, contains cameos that enhance the commercial, and is quite memorable. “Excellent in every aspect,” read one comment.

‘I love that they can make fun of themselves,’ said someone else.JLo, ‘We discussed this.’ 🤣. Landing Tommy…OMGOSH.

Additionally, Matt Damon’Being your friend is so difficult” 🤣🙌🏼. Dunkin triumphs.

‘Best Super Bowl ad I’ve seen in years,’ commented a third fan. Loved it. 💯😁

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