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The feeling of fear that sweeps over everyone who has ever been pulled over for a traffic infraction is well known to those who have seen the flashing red and blue lights in their rearview mirror.

When you see those lights, you have to remind yourself to ‘act natural’ even though you know you done nothing wrong.

It feels like you’re being questioned for a serious crime (or is that just us?) when you see those lights.

Christy Carter knew exactly why she had been pulled over: speeding. She noticed the bright lights coming from behind her.

The policeman on the scene greeted the single mother who had pulled over expecting to be given a ticket with sympathy and support instead.

Jake, Christy’s son, was being driven to the Homecoming dance so he could hang out with some of his friends.

They were a little agitated and irritated since they were running late and Jake hadn’t tied his tie (and Christy didn’t know how to do it for him).

So instead of stopping completely on the freeway to make up for lost time and get Jake to meet up with his friends, Christy decided to roll through a stop sign.

Officer Mike Carrill then approached her from behind and turned on his lights to announce himself.

Christy knew she was going to get a ticket, and Jake was growing more tense and worried about the impending interruption

in the schedule. Officer Carrill approached them, and Christy said he could see the ‘stress on [her] son’s face.’

Officer Carrill listened to the story and saw the predicament Christy and Jake were in before deciding not to issue a ticket.

Instead, after hearing the narrative, he offered to help Jake with his tie. Christy was shocked by the officer’s care for her child and quickly reached for her phone to record the incident.

After posting the video on her Facebook page a few days later with the message, ‘A huge shout out to this Park City Police Officer

who rescued the day in an odd manner for a stressed-out, sinking-single-mother moment,” it quickly gained popularity.

In the comments section, locals expressed their appreciation for Officer Carrill’s kindness. The police department he works for shared the video and said,

‘Officers like Mike Carrillo of the Park City Police Department’s Uniform Section are the kind-hearted Officers who quietly do good deeds for Parkites in need,’

so it didn’t seem that his decision to forgo writing a ticket bothered them. We are proud of Police Officer Carrillo for

his efforts in turning what could have been a dire scenario into something positive. ‘We appreciate Christy Carter bringing attention to the often ignored.’

Officer Carrill took advantage of the circumstance to show compassion, offer assistance, and support to a distressed mother who was in need.

Even though Christy did not receive a ticket this time, it appears that she will always remember how important it is to stop entirely at stop signs.

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