A brave teenager dives into a freezing lake to try to save a stranger whose car went into the water.

There are many unsung heroes in the world who are brave and empathetic people. Many such inspirational tales may be found online,

providing a glimmer of hope in the worst of circumstances. Narratives of strangers going above and beyond to rescue the lives of others are particularly heartwarming.

Recently, a young child in Arizona made headlines online for an audacious leap to save a stranger who was drowning.

Ethan Cakmak, 16, had just returned from school when his father, Erkan Cakmak, saw a car veer into a neighboring lake while the driver was still inside, according to Fox 10 Phoenix.

The teen’s father heard a loud ‘plump’ while working from home. Upon noticing the automobile submerging,

he and his son hurried to the lake. Seeing that the driver was unconscious, the father called 911 right away.

The teenager, however, didn’t want to wait for the emergency personnel and plunged into the lake, not giving the frigid, unclean water the slightest thought.

‘I saw that he might drown and that he required assistance. I thus dashed outside, opened the gate, removed my shirt, dug everything out of my pockets, and dove into the water,’ Ethan remarked.

Upon swimming beneath the lake, the high school student spotted ‘the guy with his chin on his chest bobbing up and down.’

Ethan continuously knocked on the widow of the automobile after determining from the man’s labored breathing that he was still alive. But the man had lost consciousness,

and he did not react to the knock or open his eyes. In vain, the teenager attempted to smash open the window as well.

Therefore, he concluded that swimming back to land and waiting for emergency personnel to respond was the wisest course of action.

Following the father’s call, first responders arrived, freed the man from the car, and transported him to the hospital.

Police Sgt. Ricky Gonzales of Chandler said, ‘I think that’s awesome.’ It proves that we are watching out for one another out here. Not only the police,

fire, and us, but also our individual people. That is really awesome. The first responders were astonished by the son’s courageous act and praised the father-son team for their prompt efforts.

‘We’re proud to say this is a @Hamilton_High student who rushed to help a driver in need,” the Chandler Unified School District said

in an X post honoring Ethan. One of our Portrait of a Learner characteristics, empathy, was aptly reflected by Ethan Cakmak.’

‘I see videos every once in a while of similar things happening to people where people are in danger or in need,’

Ethan said to the news channel, sending a strong message. Individuals just choose to disregard their surroundings.

Humans, in my opinion, ought to support one another in times of need and act as a community. When you can, lend a helping hand to others.’

According to ABC 15, the man who was saved is currently in critical condition at the hospital, and the Chandler Police Department,

who are looking into the cause of the collision, think that a medical problem may have contributed to the man’s fall into the lake.

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