Fast-Acting Flight Attendant and passengers successfully rescued six flamingo eggs during a flight.

In her eleven years as an Alaska Airlines flight attendant, Amber May has handled some strange requests, but helping to save some flamingo eggs pretty much tops them all.

According to a corporate release, May stated, ‘A passenger pressed the call button and asked if I would help keep some eggs warm.’

It transpired that the traveler was a senior zookeeper from Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo. She was carrying six priceless flamingo eggs that the Atlanta Zoo had given her in an incubator.

With only a few hours remaining in the trip, the incubator malfunctioned, forcing Woodland Park’s stand of flamingos to rely on younger birds as none of the older birds could be raised to reproduce.

May immediately filled rubber gloves with warm water in response to the zookeeper’s cry for assistance.

The keeper used the gloves as a makeshift nest to keep the eggs warm, and May continued to fill the gloves with water as needed for the entire flight when the water inside grew lukewarm.

Passengers sitting close to the eggs handed up their coats and scarves to act as additional insulation.

According to Joanna Klass, an animal care manager at Woodland Park Zoo, ‘the flamingo eggs would not have survived in a non-functioning portable incubator for five hours.’

Her statement was made public. ‘We are extremely appreciative of the ingenuity that resulted in the secure transportation of our priceless eggs.’

A few months later, May got a call from the zoo inviting her to give one of the flamingos a name. The jubilant stewardess selected Sunny, the name of her just delivered granddaughter.

Sunny, the granddaughter, was then given the opportunity to see the animals with her namesake, May, and the infant Sunny.

‘It was just amazing to have baby Sunny meet flamingo Sunny,’ Amber remarked. I can’t wait to watch them both mature. The news that all six of the chicks had hatched filled me with honor and happiness.

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