Gorgeous Bird Has a Delightful Time on a Shopping Journey With Its Owner…Video

Some people might even find it strange to go about their daily lives without their dogs at their sides.

A man wheeling a cart while out shopping is depicted in a YouTube video. But he has a friend by his side to help him finish the assignment rather than doing it alone.

The lovely bird is shown calmly perched on the cart’s handle as the man maneuvers it through the store at the start of the brief one and a half-minute movie.

The animal surprisingly does make a noise or attract attention to itself. Rather, it observes the store’s numerous displays in silence as it adjusts to its strange and new surroundings.

The man pulling the cart and behind the camera says something about thirty seconds into the video.

The man addresses the bird, saying, ‘My friend, we need some tennis balls for the dog.’ The animal lets out a quick, low screech, as if it agrees wholeheartedly with its owner.

Shortly after, the man sees a set of tennis balls and remarks on the item’s pricing, calling it ‘a deal.’

Again, the bird seemed to concur, thinking that $2.99 is a reasonable amount to pay for tennis balls.

The bird eventually doesn’t appear ready to leave as the shopping trip draws to a close. It starts by biting its owner’s fingers very lightly.The macaw even appears to laugh once, at around the 1:25-minute mark in the video.

The most absurd thing about the entire video, apart from the fact that a man brought a bird inside the store, is that nobody else in the establishment seemed to be alarmed by the unusual sight.

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