Pizza Delivery Driver’s Impromptu Beethoven Piano Performance Leaves Family in Awe. Video

What a lovely piano that is. Bryce Dudal inquired, ‘Can I take a look at it?’ after receiving the pepperoni pizza he had been assigned to deliver.

The 18-year-old pitcher recently received a baseball scholarship from his local community college after graduating from high school in a Detroit, Michigan area.

During the summer, Bryce made a living by delivering pizzas for Hungry Howie’s restaurant. One evening, he made a delivery to Paul and Julie Varchetti’s house.

Bryce’s fingers ached to play the piano when he noticed that the family hardly utilized it in the entryway. He had no idea what to anticipate when Paul decided to let him give it a shot.

The couple’s 10-year-old son Ryan remarked, “I was surprised when he started playing.” “At first,

I thought he was going to break the piano, but Bryce didn’t.’Rather, he performed Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’ flawlessly, making the instrument sing.

Julie said, ‘He was just beyond good.’ In fact, Ryan and his friend decided to stop playing video games and attend Bryce’s performance because of how amazing his playing was.

Julie was so delighted with the video Ryan had taken that she shared it on Facebook as soon as she came home,

and it soon received thousands of views, likes, and shares. It was just a matter of time after the video went viral that the tale of the pizza delivery man with concert pianist-like skills was revealed.

He began to play the little piano in the family when he was about six years old. After learning a few TV show theme tunes on his own,

he became addicted to Beethoven after his mother got him several CDs. He started rehearsing classical music and refined his technique by watching a few YouTube tutorials.

It took a while to complete. You have to try to play it on the piano piece by piece while you sit there and think.

Back then, I couldn’t read music,’ said Bryce.’I would spend endless hours listening and attempting to decipher it.’

It took years for Bryce to find a teacher who was ready to let him “skip the basics” and begin playing the difficult music he loved, despite his parents’ best efforts to enroll him in lessons.

According to Bryce, ‘a lot of people sit down at the piano and play something slow and beautiful.’
‘But I like to go all out when I play for someone.’

He continued by saying that ‘Moonlight’is a ‘flashy, fast, amazing piece’ and that it has long been a favorite of his.

Bryce acknowledges that during his school years, sports became more important to him than playing the piano.

But now that Julie’s post has drawn so much attention, his curiosity has been piqued once more!

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