Teen Records When Dad sings in the car and everyone gets captivated by his voice. Video

YouTube user Daylafulla made the decision to show off her dad’s talent to the world as a way to start 2017 off well.

While driving in Fort Worth, Texas, Kris Jones’s daughter switched on her phone camera and asked him to do a cover of Tennessee Whiskey.

The song Tennessee Whiskey has been around for a while, so chances are you’ve heard it. David Allen Coe gave the song’s debut performance,

and it was published in 1981. The song was originally recorded by George Jones in 1983, and Chris Stapleton recently gave it a go.

Make sure to read this post through to the end to watch the entire video.

Ever once we viewed the video, we couldn’t stop singing and swaying to the Tennessee whiskey groove. Dad’s voice has a vintage quality that makes the music seem even better.

We especially adore the fact that his daughter recorded the event on camera. Would anyone else not begin to record their own truck concert?

She and her father lip-synch to the song, which is very adorable. She is obviously incredibly proud of her father and his incredible talent!

Her dad deserves her pride. Since the release of this video online, his fan base has been steadily increasing every day. His voice instantly captures the hearts of everyone who hears it!

Another admirer is Ellen Degeneres. His daughter Dayla had first published the footage for her friends to see.

According to Sounds Like Nashville, Ellen contacted the family and offered them to appear on her program.

Jones revealed to Ellen and his audience that he has always wanted to be a singer, and Dayla and her father immediately

took off to go on the show. Jones uploads his music to his YouTube page, where you may track his musical growth.

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