Check out this amazing video! On the dance floor, Granny moves to the tune “Electric Slide.”

The majority of people who are in their octogenarian years are probably more likely to be referred to as ‘hip replacement-prone’ than as ‘hip.’

However, you have not yet experienced Jean Hupp. Currently, Jean, who is 87 years old, and her husband, Paul, are both residents of an assisted living center in Decatur, Illinois.

During a birthday party held in the facility’s ballroom, Jean was caught on camera performing ‘The Electric Slide’ in a manner that was completely unique to her experience!

Since then, the video has gained widespread attention, and Jean is ecstatic about the fact that she has become a celebrity on the internet.

When it comes to weddings, parties, and other social gatherings, ‘The Electric Slide’ by Marcia Griffiths is a song that several people like to play.

There is a lot of similarities between this dance and a line dance, including the straightforward, low-key choreography and the straightforward footwork.

To put it another way, that is how other people behave. But just like Jean, you just get down on your feet and do what you want to do! In her capacity as

a resident service coordinator at Eagle Ridge of Decatur, where Jean resides, Sarah Butts has stated that she is not surprised

by Jean’s talent for dancing. Sarah shared that Mrs. Hupp has always been a dancer and that she takes pleasure in the activity.

After three years at the facility, Sarah says that Jean is always the first person in line for parties or events. Jean and Paul are residents of the facility.

‘Jean is the life and spirit of the party; this is exactly who she is.’ She believes that staying physically

and mentally active keeps her youthful, thus she enjoys doing so. Her enjoyment along with that of the other inmates filled us all with delight.

It’s really fulfilling. Jean doesn’t appear to be slowing down! We adore how she chooses to do her own thing rather than follow traditional dance steps.

What a beautiful metaphor for leading a happy, independent life! Jean’s confidence and passion can teach us all a lot,

no matter where we are in life. Watch Jean shake a tail feather in the video below, and don’t forget to show it to someone you know who is still young at heart!

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