How does the incredible tiny guy who weighed barely 400 grams at birth look now?

Baby Abel is celebrating his first Christmas this year, even though nobody thought he would survive.

He requested his parents to say farewell to him multiple times. Abel endured more suffering in his little life than many adults do.

In just the first four months, he had ten blood transfusions and two surgeries. Nevertheless, the boy persisted and,

in defiance of all the medical professionals’ prognoses, he lived and had every chance for a happy life!

Abel weighed little over 400 grams at birth, having been carried to term by 24 weeks. Because of her acute preeclampsia,

Charlotte needed to give birth quickly to avoid the death of both mother and child. After being transferred

right away to the intensive care unit, Abel was born in severe condition, and Charlotte never got to see him.

For two days, the woman was held in a coma to repair her internal organs and raise her blood pressure.

For the first time, she saw her kid on the phone screen. ‘The year before that, I had lost a baby at 17 weeks of pregnancy.’ For us, Abel has evolved into a divine gift.

He was breathing, living, struggling. His parents, who visited the hospital daily to pray for their son, were standing right next to him.

Beyond the expectations of the physicians, he started to heal, which was another miracle. Throughout his five months in the hospital,

he had experienced a great deal. However, nobody can now believe that the happy little boy has come close to death multiple times.

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