Robert Wagner’s 94th birthday is being celebrated by Stefanie Powers in a heartwarming reunion from the show “Hart to Hart.’

With their on-screen antics on the popular TV show Hart to Hart more than 40 years ago, Stefanie Powers and Robert Wagner won over fans’ hearts.

The two celebrities celebrated Wagner’s 94th birthday on February 13. Powers evoked nostalgia by posting a touching photo of the two with the caption, ‘Our latest Hart to Hart moment.’

To find out more about this fantastic reunion, continue reading!Hart to Hart, a television series created by Sidney Sheldon, was a compelling fusion of mystery and sophistication.

The show followed the childless Harts, self-made millionaire Jonathan (Robert Wagner) and freelance writer Jennifer (Stefanie Powers), as they went on exciting investigations into crimes.

Celebrities including Ray Milland, Eve Arden, Tommy Lasorda, Tippi Hedren, and Julie Newmar made remarkable cameos on the series, which included an impressive guest star roster.

Hart To Hart’s success as a TV series led to other spin-off films, which expanded the detective team’s legacy with full-length adventures.

Off-screen research
Wagner was grieving the loss of Hollywood actress Natalie Wood throughout the final four years of the show’s filming.

Wagner was married to Wood twice, from 1957 until 1962 and from 1972 until her passing.Wood, who featured

in West Side Story in 1961, passed away tragically in November 1981 at the age of 43 in a boating accident off the shore of Catalina Island.

Wagner’s involvement in the death of the former child actor sparked rumors, and although though he was

never taken into custody, he remained a ‘person of interest’ in the case in the absence of solid proof.

When the case was revisited in 2011, the coroner’s initial ruling—that she had accidentally drowned—was changed to ‘drowning and other undetermined factors.’

Wagner, who was long regarded as a person of interest in the case, was officially cleared in 2022,

ending years of conjecture about his possible role in the circumstances surrounding the Rebel Without a Cause star’s demise.

Throughout the protracted investigation, Wood’s biological daughter Natasha Gregson Wagner—who was adopted by Wagner—passionately defended her father.

Natasha, 53, considers her father’s steadfast support in her book ‘More Than Love, An Intimate Portrait of My Mother, Natalie Wood,’ published in 2020.

She claims that no one in the family questioned his sincere sorrow at her mother’s untimely death or his affection for her.

The Pink Panther star continues to show his love for his late wife by posting homage to her on a regular basis.

Wagner declared his unwavering love for the Miracle on 34th Street star in December by sharing a picture from their wedding.

‘On December 28, 1957, 66 years ago, Natalie was my girl, and now she was my wife,’ he says. Nat, happy anniversary. Beyond love.

birthday festivities
Wagner wed Jill St. John, the first American Bond girl from the 1971 movie Diamonds Are Forever, in 1990 following an eight-year romance.

The A Kiss Before Dying star spent his 94th birthday in a restaurant with friends and his stunning wife, who is now 83, by his side more than three decades later.

The icon of film and television looked effortlessly smart in pale yellow sweater and black jeans,

accessorized with a chic multi-toned neckerchief and a puffy vest with rainbow stripes in navy blue to fend off the chilly nighttime air.

Earlier in the day, Powers, 81, shared a touching Instagram snap, making fans eager for the Hart To Hart reunion.

The photo showed Powers with her TV co-star, the endearing Wagner, who seemed very healthy at ninety-four, sitting in an armchair.

Wearing the same clothing as in his dinner shots, Powers was positioned behind Wagner in the reunion portrait, capturing the lasting friendship between the two actors.

Fans of the cherished Hart to Hart combo were flooded with nostalgia and appreciation for Powers as she sent her best wishes to Wagner, recognizing his 94th birthday on February 10.

‘You guys are just the cutest,’ a fan writes. I adore that even after all these years, you two are still great friends.

A second netizen remarks, ‘I love this Hart to Hart moment and you both still have that chemistry together!,’ highlighting the two’s continued connection. Beautiful picture!’

‘That’s a friendship over so many decades,” says a third. Seeing that is heartwarming. I appreciate Miss Powers sharing this amazing occasion with me.

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