A small boy is moved to tears by his brother’s unexpected demonstration of love. Cutest video below

Siblings don’t always get along, especially when they’re young. Everybody has their own views, opinions, and thoughts.

These disagreements frequently result in tense debates, protracted avoidance and silence, and even physical altercations.

In general, adults are better at managing their conflicts and disagreements. But arguments between kids can quickly get quite personal.

However, as one video demonstrates, one outburst of passion was caused by a birthday cake rather than a brawl or altercation.

Two young men are shown in the YouTube video standing close to a cake. The elder child, who is clearly just a few seconds away from slicing into the desert, is holding a knife.

Shortly after the one-minute, thirty-second clip starts, text emerges to introduce the situation and what the audience is seeing.

The writing states, ‘The person you love the most gets to have the first slice of your birthday cake, according to Brazilian tradition.’

After slicing into the cake, the young man tries to pick it up, but it falls and lands on an intact area of the cake.

Who gets to have the first piece of cake after that stray piece ends up on a plate is anybody’s guess.‘Antonio,’ the elder brother yells as he places the cake piece in front of the younger man.

The tears start as soon as the big brother says that his little sibling gets the first piece. Antonio, the younger brother, is unable to control his feelings.

He is ecstatic, thrilled, and perhaps a bit taken aback that his older brother—someone he looks up to—would choose him.

The younger brother turns to face his older brother, and the two of them give each other a tender hug.

It was such a small gesture, yet it meant a great deal to the little kid.

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