Did you know that Brad Pitt has a brother? What does Douglas look like and what does he do?

What does Brad Pitt’s younger brother look like?

Brad Pitt’s brother is Douglas Pitt, who was born in 1966. He is most commonly referred to as Doug. And she is only three years younger than 59-year-old Brad Pitt.

If Douglas was an actor, he would definitely have a huge army of fans all over the world. A tall, handsome, black man with a dazzling smile…

Yes, he would compete with women’s favorite Brad. However, Douglas, unlike his brother, chose a different career path.

What is Douglas Pitt doing?

Douglas doesn’t even need to take a test to find out if he’s a humanist or a technologist. Brad’s younger brother had an analytical mind from childhood and

was interested in technology and new technologies. Now Douglas is successfully developing in the field of information technology.

By the way, they tried to lure Douglas into film production. To some extent it even happened, just in an unconventional sense. Doug didn’t become an actor, but he has something to do with cinema.

The man is known for his work in the field of computer effects and special effects. He has worked

on films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Avatar, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and more. Episode III — Revenge of the Sith’ and more.

Douglas has a great relationship with his older brother. By the way, they say that it was Brad who once helped his brother and threw projects to work with special effects.

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