Tom Jones and a 79-year-old contestant create a spectacular “Great Balls of Fire Performance” on the Voice stage.

Regretfully, everyone goes through the aging process. Every minute, second, hour, and day counts toward the aging process for everyone, from a baby to someone in their 80s or 90s.

Despite what cosmetic goods may say, no one has been able to stop time or reverse the aging process.As we all age, we ought to keep doing the things that bring us joy and satisfaction.

That’s exactly what 79-year-old Stan Urban achieved when he performed on The Voice with his astounding musical abilities.

Stan is a guy with a great deal of piano talent and skill. Olly Murs, one of the judges, was so impressed with his hilarious and amazing audition that he turned his chair around for him.

Stan’s audition was fascinating and a lot of fun, but that wasn’t exactly the end of him performing.

Stan had the judges and the audience in stitches with his witty responses and quick wit after some back and forth with them.

Then he and Tom Jones experienced something truly memorable. Stan and Tom play ‘Great Balls of Fire,’ a song made famous by Jerry Lee Lewis, after some audience urging.

Stan has exquisite timing and precision when playing the piano, making him a master at the instrument. Tom sounds as wonderful as ever, taking care of the vocals during their performance.

The amazing, improvisational performance had the entire studio audience on their feet, clapping and having a great time.

Funny enough, toward the end of the video, Stan was really shocked and shocked that Tom had not pressed his button for him.

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