You won’t believe what this young man done for firefighters. Find out more by reading the post below.

It is a happy event for military families to learn that their loved ones have safely returned home after serving overseas.

Upon his return from a six-month deployment to Qatar, US Air Force Captain Manny Lamson had one mission in mind:

to make his three-year-old son Connor’s homecoming as memorable and spectacular as possible. To do this, he asked firefighters from the Abilene Fire Department in Texas for help.

Since Connor is a huge fan of firefighters, his father thought there would be no better way to surprise him than

to have one of the massive red cars from the department pull up to their house. Luckily, a firetruck with bright lights approached the curb, capturing the entire thing on camera.

Firefighters leap from their vehicles to greet the awestruck young child, extending a handshake and giving him a chance to explore the interior of the truck.

Connor seizes the chance without hesitation. However, he has no idea who might be waiting for him in the backseat.

Even though it was clear that Connor was thrilled to be behind the wheel, the best was about to come.

The lads ask Connor whether he wants to meet another firefighter after helping him get to his feet.

They are the ones who open the rear entrance, letting Captain Lamson—dressed in full combat gear—leave.

Then he starts taking off his disguise, exposing his child to be the object of the best surprise he has ever received.

The young child is shocked and can’t stop hugging and petting his father, who he hasn’t seen in months.

Given his age, it’s likely that he has had difficulty understanding the gravity of his father’s absence.

The touching reunion was shared by the Abilene Fire Department on Facebook, where hundreds of people saw it and were moved to tears.

Many others thanked the firefighters for helping the father and child create such a treasured memory.

“Welcome home Captain Manny Lamson following a six-month deployment at Qatar Air Base,’the fire department announced in a statement.

‘He is a member of the 9th Bomb Squadron at Dyess Air Force Base and a Weapons System Officer on the B1.’

We could create a big splash when he got back home because his child loves firemen. The Lamson family is appreciative of their assistance.

Congratulations to the firefighters for fulfilling a little boy’s dream and reuniting him with his loving father!

Additionally, we would like to thank Captain Lamson for his service and give him a hearty welcome.

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