JLo revealed why Ben Affleck always looks unhappy in their pictures together.

Ben Affleck and JLo made news in 2022 when they announced their engagement, following a 20-year break.

Since then, the media has been closely following them, and Ben can be seen looking obviously distressed in almost every online street or event photo.

JLo explained the rationale behind this in a recent interview, opting to provide fascinating details to the public.

Memes have been circulating due to Ben Affleck’s frequent unhappy grimace, which has garnered a lot of attention lately.

Journalists who were curious about Ben and JLo’s relationship status have taken notice of this. Ben’s constant displays of unhappiness in photos led some people to speculate about possible issues between them.

Jennifer addressed worries by being candid about their relationship and the difficulties of being well-known.

Ben is doing fairly well. Let me simply tell you that you don’t need to worry about Ben. He is competent. He is content. ‘He’s here,’ she offered comfort.

She clarified that he’s simply unwinding and asked why it’s become such a huge issue. She added that her facial expressions are ignored by others.

An insider confirmed that Ben and Jennifer are doing well, despite their sporadic unhappy looks. The insider clarified that Ben’s frequent discontent

stems from the paparazzi’s persistent pursuit of him and Jen, stating, ‘We frequently see Ben upset; it’s because he hates the paps always following him and Jen.’

The insider said, ‘Jen is all about it, but navigating the life they live as a celebrity couple can be trying sometimes because

Ben just wants to go to a restaurant or get coffee and be done with it and just have more privacy.’

They argue there, but it doesn’t harm their relationship in any way. They truly are in a fortunate position.

Jennifer acknowledged that they both had trouble interacting with the public. ‘PTSD affects us both,’ she remarked.

However, she continued, they have grown older and wiser. Ben dislikes having photographers focus on him.

According to the insider, Ben dislikes being photographed while going about his daily business or in red carpet pictures.

They occasionally get into arguments because JLo likes this. They consistently manage to find pleasure together in spite of this.

Lopez gave credit to Ben Affleck, her partner, for assisting her in realizing her value and becoming more at ease with herself.

Her feeling of beauty and confidence have grown as a result of their strong friendship. They broke up twenty years ago, but their love has only gotten stronger.

This was hardly the reunion they had anticipated. We need to be extremely aware of the fact that we are older,

wiser, more experienced, in different stages of our lives, and that we now have children. Since this is such a unique moment for each of us, we’re very cautious,’ Lopez remarked

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