This video of a kid singing a version of ‘Old MacDonald’ is both adorable and hilarious.

In a video posted to YouTube, a young youngster responds to a request from her father by performing a sweet version of the beloved children’s song ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm.’

The father had requested that his daughter play ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm.’ It’s funny how she starts singing this song right away after muttering to herself in between the songs.

Parents have been entertaining their kids with a variety of classic nursery rhymes for a long time.

Children of all ages continue to enjoy these timeless nursery rhymes and songs that have been passed down through the generations.

The 1917 children’s rhyme “Old Macdougal Had a Farm” is parodied in the song Old MacDonald Had a Farm.

‘Old Macdougal Had a Farm’ was composed in 1917, according to CSU Fresno. Since then, fans have always

chosen the original song as their favorite, but one young girl has decided to offer it a very minor remix.

She sings a nursery rhyme based on each of the five finger puppet animals—a cow, pig, dog, cat, and duck—using a book that also has five finger puppet animals attached to it as a reference.

There is a finger puppet of a cow in the book as well. She describes the animal represented by the finger puppet in her hand in detail, including its name, characteristics, and sound, in between each statement.

She can effectively impart her expanding animal knowledge by convincingly mimicking the calls unique to each species. Her rendition of the quack of a duck is amusing and accurate!

Check out the video below, then tell your friends about it.

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