An elderly person sits at a public piano and plays a lovely music. Video

Look at this moment An old man playing a public piano is ‘pianobombed’ by YouTube pianist Brendan Kavanagh.

These days, it is rare to find a public space without music playing of some kind. Shopping centers,

train stations, movie theaters, and even certain parks are aware of the uplifting and relaxing power of music.

Some locations, though, go a step farther and allow people to play the instruments. A man can be seen playing the piano in what appears

to be a train station in this amazing video that has gone viral. He obviously has a lot of experience playing the piano, and his skill is evident.

Even on its own, his performance would have been extraordinary, but things take a turn. Brendan Kavanagh

seems to receive a bat signal when someone starts playing the piano in public, or perhaps he just feels his fingers quiver!

Hundreds of footage of Brendan performing his trademark boogie-woogie on public pianos can be seen on his YouTube channel.

There are also a lot of duets. While some seem to be prearranged, others—like this one—are obviously not.

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