Hilary Swank announced her association with HealthyBaby and introduced her twin kids, Aya and Ohm.

Hilary Swank wants to be a mother who makes a difference in the world.

The 49-year-old mother of the twins announced a new partnership aimed at enhancing maternal health and simplifying baby care on Wednesday,

following the disclosure of her children’s names, Aya and Ohm, along with a new photo of them.
Swank has partnered with HealthyBaby,

which she first learned about during her arduous search for the best diapers for her kids, as part of their shared goal to emphasize health,

safety, and next-level quality for our infants’ surroundings from the very beginning of their lives.

The 49-year-old actress will become the company’s Chief Innovation Officer, collaborating with CEO Shazi Visram and her creative abilities to shape the future via her experiences as a new mother.

She will also continue to uphold the brand’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and performance.

Swank mentioned in a statement announcing the partnership between the two businesses, ‘As a new mother, I have found the purpose that is ultimately the most rewarding to me.

‘Like any other parent, I wanted the very best for my twins, and my research led me to HealthyBaby’s diapers.’

Finding a business that is genuinely committed to our young children’s developmental well-being in such a thoughtful way has changed my life.

With great joy, I announce that I will be working with Shazi and HealthyBaby to help create a future

where all parents and their infants may expect the best care available, safety, and endless possibilities.

In an independent statement, Visram talked about her collaboration with the Oscar winner and said, ‘I think the greatest opportunity

and challenge facing the world right now is connected development during pregnancy and the early years.’

We will be able to accomplish anything if we can provide families the tools and knowledge they need to raise resilient, healthy, and connected infants.

Having Hilary as a partner in this venture makes me very happy. She is brilliant, pure, resilient, and incredibly kind.

Having her as a partner is an enormous honor for me, especially since she is a new mother who cares deeply

about all things sustainable and quality. She has many insightful thoughts and speaks for a new generation of parents.

The two-time Oscar winner appeared on Wednesday night’s episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

It was there that she talked to 49-year-old Jimmy Fallon about her experiences as a new mother. Ten-month-old

twins were welcomed into the world by Swank and her spouse Philip Schneider in the month of April.

‘My tiny Valentines, Cupid!” Swank made the declaration following Fallon’s admission that he had

interacted with her kids backstage. How’s life with twins that are ten months old? Fallon asked to know about it.

It is without a doubt the best in the entire world. Without a doubt, it is more enjoyable, delightful, and taxing than it was previously.

It surprises me that it’s lot more inclusive than it actually is. Furthermore, it is the most amazing thing that the entire world has ever seen.

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