Impressive Audition by Doorman Performing ‘Come Fly With Me’ on Britain’s Got Talent.Video

Neil Fullard revealed in a YouTube video that he has always enjoyed singing before taking the stage.

But, without the confidence to act in front of others, he has kept his ambition buried for 20 years.

Neil stated that he had never sung in front of others, limiting his performances to considerably smaller venues.

‘I don’t actually sing anywhere, but in me house,’ he stated. ‘Just in the bath, in the shower and in the car.’

Neil stepped onto the stage seconds later. He is quite nervous, which is evident on his face. After a brief exchange with the judges, Neil is off and running.

But then something unbelievable happens, and the entire studio audience, including the judges, cannot believe what they are hearing. Perhaps they’re playing a trick on them?

This is not the case at all. Neil starts shouting out the lyrics to ‘Come Fly with Me.’ That’s wonderful!

If you only listened to the clip and did not watch it, you may believe Frank Sinatra was singing. The 42-year-old doorman is amazing, and the judges agree, granting him three yes votes.

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