The three-year-old child who made it through two cold nights claims that a bear kept him warm. Video

The likelihood of locating a youngster who wanders off on their own and becomes lost—especially in a remote area—is low.

When Casey, the Hathaway family’s 3-year-old boy, got lost in the woods during the harsh winter in North Carolina, they were terrified of what might happen.

Three days later, they amazingly found him alive and healthy. For his survival in the wilderness, he is thankful to whom?

A plush animal Three-year-old Casey Hathaway was in North Carolina in January 2019 to visit his grandma.

Casey was playing in the backyard with two other children, but when they went inside, he was gone. His parents

thought he would go off and discover everything that piqued his curiosity because they describe him as an inquisitive youngster!

His grandmother contacted the police after realizing Casey was missing. The little child was swiftly being looked for because the weather forecast was for rain.

The first night Casey vanished, the temperature dropped to twenty degrees Fahrenheit. The next night was quite wet and chilly.

The search had to be canceled due to the extreme weather. It should go without saying. The family was beginning to lose heart. He had very little chance of being found out.

He had far less chance of being found alive. The search team included hundreds of volunteers, divers, K-9 teams, helicopters, and drones.

Authorities advised volunteers to stay away the second night due to the severe weather. The family’s lack of weather gear was causing them to progressively lose hope.

Rescuers were called in after they were missing for two nights and someone heard a baby screaming in the woods.

They searched for a while before finding him entangled in some spiky bushes. To get to the young youngster, the rescuers had to wade through water waist high.

Other than scrapes and being wet and chilly, he was unhurt. All he wanted was to visit his mother and have a glass of water.

Everyone was wondering how this little boy, who appeared to be only slightly injured, managed to live two nights in such frigid and rainy weather.

He told his family how when he was being examined by physicians while he was in the hospital afterwards.

Casey claims that while he was in the woods, he made a companion who kept him warm. It turned out that pal was a black bear.

The story appears implausible, of course. Even less so coming from a curious, imaginative three-year-old.

Of course, there’s no way to know for sure whether his story is real or not. Meeting a black bear wouldn’t be that difficult because they are common in North Carolina.

But can you become close enough to it to have it cuddle and keep you warm at night? We’ll never really know, though.

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