This Texas woman opened a page for charity, the name of which surprised everyone. See what they are doing

Haley moved from Houston, TX to Fort Worth and ended up launching a Facebook group called, ‘The Weird Moms Club’s to help find community.

Kelly brings Haley on the show via video to talk more about her group and how everything got started.

In the video, she describes how she and a new friend were joking about being weird moms. She goes on to remark, ‘We don’t fit that stereotypical mom mold.

And we were joking around, and I said, ‘There’s got to be more moms like us, right?’ That’s how the Facebook group was born.

The group began swapping clothes with one another, and this grew into a non-profit organization that distributed clothes to those in need in the community.

Before the end of the segment, we hear that Pilot Pen is giving her $1,000 to celebrate bringing people together.

This video emphasizes the value of community and how much we all rely on it. It also demonstrates how

we may make a significant difference simply by following our hearts and working to make the world a better place.

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