A young actress will replace Johnny Depp in the upcoming ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie. You will be surprised

With its sixth installment, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is taking a new turn, and everyone’s eyes are on who will play the lead.

Rumors are circulating that a young actress might be slated to play the lead pirate in place of Johnny Depp.

The franchise’s drama intensified when Johnny Depp was barred from participating in subsequent installments because of his prior legal issues.

Tarnished career following legal issues
The actor’s widely publicized and frequently acrimonious legal battle with ex-wife Amber Heard negatively impacted his reputation as a Hollywood A-lister.

Following two years of marriage and nearly seven years of dating, Depp and Heard’s purported accusations and counterclaims were heard by the courts.

A Pirates of the Caribbean reboot?
Depp stated that he would not accept any offers to play Captain Jack Sparrow again,

even once his name was cleared, according to VT. Fans speculated about who would fill the recognizable pirate’s boots after this decision.

The creators of the franchise have unexpectedly decided to focus on a female lead.

Margot Robbie was once linked to play a major part in a brand-new Pirates adventure, but that project fizzled out. Another name has surfaced recently: Ayo Edebiri.

The studio is reportedly considering her for the part of Anne, which is based on the real-life Irish pirate Anne Bonny, one of the few female pirates in history,

who operated in the Caribbean. Fans who are excitedly anticipating the upcoming chapter, reportedly titled Pirates 6, are buzzing with anticipation over this possible casting decision.

Elon Musk was among the Depp supporters who expressed his disappointment by publicly criticizing Disney’s choice.

Musk posted on social media, quoting the report of Ayo’s possible casting, saying, ‘Disney Sucks.’

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