Look inside as a couple transforms a 40-foot school bus into a gorgeous home for working and traveling. Inside photos below

This is the story of a couple who chose to forgo a sedentary lifestyle in favor of one with greater

mobility and options for travel because buying a home and renting in cities are still quite costly in the United States.

In their late 20s, Josh and Emily Scherrer tied the knot. They are both engineers, and in 2020 they made the complete switch to working remotely.

They first bonded over their passion for travel and want to do more of it. In January 2021, they made the bold decision to purchase a school bus with

the goal of converting it into a mobile home. In addition to being more spacious for the couple who both required their own office, school buses are less expensive than real mobile homes.

It took them eighteen months, working nights and weekends, to convert the old bus into their ‘skoolie’—a contemporary term

that is quickly gaining traction in American culture and referring to a school bus that has been refurbished into something new,

similar to the fellow who converted it into a hostel or the fellow who converted it into an Airbnb.

The skoolie, which goes by “Aurora the Adventure Bus” on Instagram, has a full kitchen, a shower, maple wood ceilings, solar panels, and satellite internet.

The Scherrers acknowledged to Business Insider that the final conversion cost of $80,000 was far more than the average for skoolie conversions.

Emily Scherrer told BI, ‘We can experience more for our money because we don’t have to pay for hotel stays or plane tickets.’ ‘Where we park and the amenities we find determine how much we spend.’

There’s a lot of land accessible for public use in the southwest of the US. We prefer to use that kind of land instead of camping because it saves us a ton of money,’ the woman remarked.

It’s fortunate that ‘skoolie life’ is more expensive than they had anticipated. Depending on how frequently they fill up, diesel costs about $300 per month,

while the annual cost of insurance for their mobile home is about two grand. Additionally, the satellite internet costs a whopping $150.

There is a charge associated with emptying the bus’ septic tank, which needs to be done about twice a month.

The Scherrers have traveled to Alaska, New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado with their skoolie thus far.

Despite the fact that the initial and ongoing costs of their bus were greater than they had anticipated,

they managed to find funds in their budget to purchase a plot of land in Idaho, where they intend to eventually make their permanent home.

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