A boy with Down syndrome faced rejection before his graduation dance, but then an unexpected date showed up

17-year-old Daniel Rivas from Arizona was devastated to learn that every girl he asked to the school dance had declined.

The teenager with Down syndrome persevered in hoping for the dance in spite of obstacles, and his wish came true when someone showed him kindness.

Tenth-grader Kylie Fronius made the decision to surprise her classmate after learning that Daniel had been rejected by those he asked, according to KVVU-TV.

One day at school, she asked Daniel to go on a date. When Daniel’s mother noticed Kylie waiting to go with her son to the homecoming dance in her driveway, she was taken aback.

Daniel’s mother, Tonya Rivas, gulped back tears as she remarked, ‘Someone took the time to take my son to homecoming.’ She continued, ‘Words can’t even express how I’m feeling right now.’

It’s not as though Daniel is disabled. Kylie didn’t perceive any disabilities. As a mother, that is what your heart desires,’ Tonya remarked.

People praised Kylie’s proposal on social media after it made its way there. The charming proposal made news in the area.

‘Disabled folks don’t seem different to me. Kylie stated to Fox 5 KVVU-TV, ‘They are just regular folks who study in a different way.

‘I’m hoping I can lighten up his evening.’ She was unaware that they were going to experience an evening they will never forget.

They were going to be surprised by Fox 5’s Surprise Squad, which gives out rewards to people who give back to the community.

They made the effort and were picked up for their date in a Rolls Royce. The opulent vehicle that was waiting for them astounded them.

Before going to the homecoming dance, the squad treated them to a classy supper at Bistro 57 in the Aliante Casino.

When the couple arrived at the school, the squad really rolled out a red carpet to greet them. The squad continued to distribute the surprises, and the adolescents were overtaken with emotion.

Daniel and Kylie experienced a very emotional evening, crying tears of thanks and happiness. Daniel once remarked, ‘That’s awesome, my mom is really proud of me.’

The Surprise Squad declared that they would be taking Kylie, Daniel, and their families to Disneyland, indicating that the surprises were not over yet.

After the touching story went viral online, Daniel was awarded a $10,000 scholarship by United Nissan of Las Vegas,

enabling him to pursue his dream of attending college and becoming a chef. They also gave Kylie a car surprise.

‘The inspiration behind this enormous gesture was evident in the [original] news story that was broadcast;

all you had to do was watch it and you saw a young lady with a huge heart, and she was inspirational,’ stated United Nissan’s owner Don Forman.

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