A deer steals the show by getting closer a woman in a field while she performs ‘Sound of Silence.’ Video

The video has received an astounding 20 million views.Music is amazing, but it becomes even more beautiful when combined with the natural world.

When Canadian musician Naomi decided to hold her concert in the peaceful outdoors, this magical scene came to life.

She set up in an open field next to a forest, harp in hand, creating an atmosphere so bizarre it looked like it was taken straight out of a Disney film.

A deer appeared from the forest as she was playing, captivated by the mesmerizing tunes.The performance took an unexpected but enjoyable turn when the deer approached Naomi out of curiosity.

The cute animal took center stage.

One thing is apparent, though: the deer was intrigued by Naomi, even though it’s unclear what specifically attracted it—possibly the music or just her presence.

Even though the contact was brief, the sight of its wagging tail demonstrated the excitement and curiosity the music caused.

This moving tale serves as a lovely reminder of how music can unite people with the natural world and foster moments of awe and connection.

Make sure to watch the video that’s underneath!

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