An adorable young child makes his way to the street band and steals the show with his wonderful dance. Video

During a day out, Stephanie Coleman Anthony and her one-year-old son Boone happened upon a group of street entertainers.The brass-instrument-playing musicians were about to see Boone’s innate musical ability.

Boone joined in on the fun with childlike innocence and excitement.He imitated the band’s movements and pretended to play the trombone, giving off the impression that he had the soul of a jazz musician.

He performed with such conviction that one of the trumpeters applauded him enthusiastically with a thumbs-up.

Boone’s homemade instrument, a toy he just so happened to be carrying, was the true charm of the occasion.

His participation was clearly appreciated by the other members of the band, and Boone gave his performance his all,

playing from the bottom of his heart.Along with his mimed trombone playing, he included some dance steps.

He demonstrated how movement and music are inextricably linked by swinging his hips in time with

the beat and capturing the essence of the band.Emotionally charged, the trumpet player lifted his arms to applaud Boone.

With a similar level of intensity and seriousness as the professional musicians, the young performer proceeded to ‘play’ his instrument and showed that he was passionate about music.

Boone’s mother led the audience in cheers and acclaim for the rising star.‘Boone received so many smiles and cheers from so many folks; it was the most beautiful thing I think I’ve ever seen,’

Stephanie told NOLA, the people who released the video. Her voice had the excitement and pride in it.

Boone playfully protested as Stephanie stepped forward to get him, allowing the band to continue their performance.

He turned away from his mother as if to extend his moment of popularity, indicating that he wasn’t ready to step out of the spotlight just yet.

Stephanie eventually led her tiny rock star back into the throng, but Boone wasn’t finished yet.

Pretending to play, he continued to express himself via his love of music as the band said their youngest member farewell.

It was evident as they left that Boone had a passion for music in his heart that was just waiting to be released.

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