Natalie Portman spoke for the first time about her husband’s betrayal…

42-year-old actress Natalie Portman appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine with a number of actors

and spoke about the divorce for the first time. She and Benjamin Millpierre have been married for 11 years and have two children.

In an interview, Portman confirmed that Millepied cheated on her with 25-year-old eco-activist Camille Etienne.

She was saddened by the fact that there were many rumors circulating about her family during that period and they disturbed her.

The actress emphasized that she will not discuss the details of the divorce and does not want her personal life to be the focus of others’ attention.

‘Everything is terrible, and I have no intention of creating unnecessary interest around it,’ said Portman.

She also told how she was able to keep her life as secret as possible from the very beginning of her career.

‘I realized very early that my private life should be protected. When I was just starting out, I chose a different last name for myself, which was quite an interesting way to distinguish myself.

I would be sad if someone called me Natalie Portman at school. Everyone knew me as Natalie Herschlag.

As if there was a duality of personality, which I began to practice more, especially in old age. But when I had a family,

my children were born, I began to understand that it is pointless to think about two entities, because I am a public person,’ she said.

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