Bride who had a life-saving organ transplant asks the donor’s father to lead her down the aisle. Video

Daniel Donnelly Jr. was never able to witness his daughter Heather’s wedding. But earlier in 2021, he had

the opportunity to see what it would have been like when Diana Donnarumma asked him to walk her halfway down the aisle on her wedding day.

Diana was one of eight recipients of organ transplants from Heather after she passed away in a 2017 car accident in Texas, three days before her wedding. According to Donnarumma,

‘I try to carry on her spirit as best I can every day,’ The Buffalo News said. ‘And I felt like I needed to–but also I wanted to–give her father the opportunity.’

In order to marry her husband, Conlan Kreher, the 28-year-old resisted crying as Donnelly guided her down the aisle and then turned her over to her own father, Glen, to lead her the remaining distance.

About her ideal wedding at Lancaster’s Salvatore’s Italian Gardens, Donnarumma stated, ‘It was honestly everything I could have hoped for and more.’

‘It was filled with emotions and laughter and tears and overwhelming joy.” “I felt butterflies in my stomach before I walked down the aisle with Dan,’ the organ donor said,

speaking to Daily Mail about the poignant moments she spent with her father. He sobbed the first time he saw me in my wedding gown.

I started crying as soon as I noticed him crying.’‘He misses Heather so much and struggles with the pain of her absence,’ she said.

‘He expressed his happiness at having another daughter and stated he was proud to accompany me down the aisle.

I informed Dan that Heather was with us in spirit and that she was content as ever. Before heading out, we gave each other a hug.

However, I experienced every feeling described in the book: I was thrilled to be marrying the love of my life in a short while, but I was also nervous, worried, and heartbroken about Heather.

I would for people to understand the importance of organ donation. I would not be here today if Heather

had not made her decision.While transplants are a source of beauty amid tragedies, death is still a tragic event.’

‘I never would have imagined having the life that a transplant offered me. These choices are crucial. I kindly ask that you give this some serious thought. Donnarumma continued,

‘Don’t force decisions on your family when they are grieving. She disclosed that she had struggled with health issues since childhood

and was diagnosed with gastroparesis in the beginning of 2016. Gastroparesis is a crippling gastrointestinal disorder that impairs the stomach muscles’

natural spontaneous movement and their capacity to effectively push food down the digestive tract.

Because of her illness, Donnelly had to rely only on intravenous sustenance until 2017, when she passed away from a life-saving transplant.

Donnarumma received Donnelly’s small intestine and the right section of her large intestine after an eight-hour transplant procedure.

Donnarumma claims that even though she still experiences nausea and vomiting and will need to take steroids and anti-rejection medicine for the rest of her life, her condition has significantly improved from before the transplant.

‘I was so physically and emotionally exhausted, but now I have a future,’ she stated. ‘I experienced

the love of friends and family in a true sense.Right now, I wouldn’t have a future. Without [Heather], I wouldn’t be getting married.’

According to reports, Heather Donnelly was killed in a car accident in October 2017 while traveling to a friend’s birthday celebration.

The 26-year-old aspired to work with children and had obtained her master’s degree in counseling from Texas A&M Corpus Christ a few months prior.

‘A large number of children attended her burial. All of the tiny children that were arriving from daycare centers and other places was simply amazing.

It was simply incredible,’ Dan Donnelly remarked. He then on, ‘I was very honored when she asked me about doing it,’ in reference to being asked to lead Donnarumma down the aisle. I’ll never get the opportunity.’

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