A woman’s hilarious experience with upset geese is captured on a doorbell camera. Video

In case you were unaware, geese belong to the category of animals that detest human contact. The majority don’t even appear to want humans in their eyesight.

One woman’s personal experience demonstrating this can be seen in a YouTube video. The woman exits her front door at the start of the little footage.

She continues walking down the driveway, and soon after, there is a lot of raucous, unpleasant squawking. A few moments later, the screen features a whole flock of geese.

The unfortunate lady is literally pursued by the geese. She runs back toward her house, dodging the enraged wild creatures.

The geese were clearly trying to get their point across. They pursue her till they reach her front door.

When the woman finally arrives at her porch, she quickly slips inside to avoid the agitated and noisy geese.

A second person can be heard laughing at the sad and entertaining encounter with the wild creatures as the woman approaches the door.

As the video demonstrates, geese are not hesitant to express their dislike of humans.

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