When a soccer player has a voice that resembles Elvis Presley, the judges are left with no option but to hit the golden buzzer. Video

The terrible difficulties Darcy faced only a few years prior to his participation on the show were concealed by his cool exterior.

Louis Walsh, a music industry executive and competition judge, started the conversation that revealed the details of Darcy’s experience when he took the stage.

According to Darcy, the nerves in his leg were squeezed by a bulging disc in his back. In the video,

he claims that one morning, after rolling over, he was unable to get out of bed. He had a 50% chance of never walking again, according to the doctors.

Imagine discovering one day that you might not be able to walk again when you wake up. Barry believes that the experience made

him appreciate his wife and kids even more. Speaking of his wife’s love and support, Darcy’s voice is full of emotion and pride.

Elvis Presley’s ‘The Wonder of You’ was Darcy’s song. In Darcy’s opinion, the song captures exactly how he feels about his wife and kids.

The audience was taken aback by Darcy’s cool assurance during the performance and his striking Elvis likeness. The judges nodded along with the audience as Darcy sang his song.

Backstage, the Darcy family had a good time watching. When Walsh got up and hit the golden buzzer, they were astounded, as were the judges and onlookers.

Darcy began to cry as soon as the golden buzzer went off, and his family came to join him on stage.

Darcy is a live example of how optimism can overcome hardship. Along with his musical ability, Darcy’s excitement and personality impressed the judges and audience for a long time.

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