11-year-old performs ‘Ave Maria’ with a street musician, creating instant goose bumps.

Any skill takes years of focused practice to master. Instead of being intrinsic traits, talent and skill are developed with consistent work and discipline.

But then there are other people who, referred to as kid prodigies, wow everyone with their innate skills and seem to have amazing ability from an early age.

Amira Willighagen, a Dutch prodigy, rose to prominence at the age of nine after winning Holland’s Got Talent.

Amira is well known for her ability to effortlessly play difficult opera parts and for having an exquisite voice.

Such difficult songs are difficult for even experienced vocalists to perform, yet Amira pulls off immaculate performances every time.

Amazingly, she hasn’t changed in humility despite her notoriety. A video of her spontaneous performance with a street artist in Brussels highlights her extraordinary talent and humility.

The street performer was hesitant to allow Amira to accompany him at first as he didn’t know who she was.

But when he saw who she was, he was stunned by her voice and decided to work with her without hesitation.

The audience was in awe of their performance of Charles Gounod and Johann Sebastian Bach’s ‘Ave Maria.’

This impromptu performance is the perfect example of Amira’s extraordinary talent and capacity to enthrall people with her gorgeous voice.

It is evidence of the value of innate ability and unwavering commitment. Watch her incredible performance down below, and don’t hesitate to leave a comment with your opinions!

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