A woman’s son was saved from a flying hockey puck, and the three of them reunited on center ice during the playoffs when a video went viral.

A 4-year-old boy called Nasir was about to have his head hit by a puck that was blasting out of the ice when a Cleveland Monsters fan reached over to block it.

Asia Davis, Nasir’s mother, closed her eyes as she considered what may have occurred if the fan hadn’t been present that evening while she sat in bed.

She made up her mind to look for the man on social media and give him another round of thanks, or better yet, dinner and tickets to another game.

Her video on TikTok pleading with the unidentified admirer to get in touch garnered over 4 million views and, coincidentally, made it to Andrew Podolak’s channel.

That Thursday night, when Davis, Nasir, and Podolak went to see the Monsters play, it was a hothouse.

The team, the official AHL affiliate of the Columbus Blue Jackets, would advance to the playoffs if they prevailed.

A minute remained, and 33-year-old Davis pulled out her smartphone to capture the frantic final moments when a player deflected a pass that fizzed out into the stands.

Nasir didn’t even see the puck, and Davis was in no position to respond. Thankfully, Podolak saw it coming and dove from a seated position, his arms extended, preventing the boy’s head from being struck.

Davis revealed to the Washington Post that Nasir’s hair was covered in ice crystals from the puck since the call was so close.

In her video, Davis said, ‘I owe that man lunch or dinner, another thank you… because I cannot imagine my baby getting hit with that hockey puck.’

With her senses dulled by excitement, she made fun of Podolak at the time, saying he ought to be a goalie,

and urged him to take a picture with Nasir holding the puck that some children seated behind him had offered.

But as she left the arena, the truth of what had transpired hit home, and she started to feel ill. Davis called the team and asked if they could use the man’s seat number to identify him.

She created the TikTok video that worked, even though they requested additional time to learn the truth.

Later, thanks to the Cleveland Monsters, Podolak, Nasir, and Davis were reunited in front of TV cameras at a playoff game.

The three ceremoniously dropped the puck for the game after telling the reporters the tale, and then they retired to their seats near the rink to watch the action.

The three sat as they had on that fatal Thursday night, with Nasir positioned between them in case Podolak’s valiant efforts were needed once more. Davis acknowledged that she was anxious.

As for Nasir, he thoroughly enjoyed the entire encounter and sleeps every night with the puck that Podolak rescued him from.

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