In a recent picture, Matthew McConaughey’s 14-year-old kid seems to be a clone of him.

Matthew McConaughey, a wealthy Hollywood bachelor, has been successful in winning the affection of more than one woman.

During their time together, the skilled and charismatic actor dated the most stunning woman in entertainment.

His reputation as a notorious womanizer, on the other hand, was not something he was eager to modify. Prior to McConaughey’s encounter with Camilla Alves, a Brazilian model.

A powerless performer, the actor was helpless before her attractions. It’s true that he wed a stunning woman after she gave birth to two of his children.

And a couple of months after the wedding, the youngest boy was being born into the world. In addition,

the actor who won an Academy Award is now a devoted husband and a model member of his family. Attempts are made by spouses to shield their children from unwarranted attention.

Despite this, they do share photographs of their children, even if it is not very frequently.

The actor’s wife recently shared a photo of her oldest son, Levi. Fans were not unimpressed with the photo.

It was observed that Levi bore many similarities to his father, including the boy’s lustrous hair, his eye shape, and even his charisma.

Fans of the couple remarked things like, “This is a similarity!’ and ‘Wow, how he looks like his father.’ Others said, ‘Little Matthew McConaughey’ and ‘Clone of his couple.’

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