People are sad as Bruce Willis’ wife and daughter graciously represent him at the “Pulp Fiction” 30th Anniversary event.

Bruce Willis’s renowned 1994 film Pulp Fiction celebrated its 30th anniversary, and Tallulah Willis and Emma Heming Willis were in attendance.

Since the actor has been battling aphasia that has progressed to frontotemporal dementia, his wife and daughter made sure to attend in his place to ensure that his memory was remembered.

The actor’s second wife, Emma, 45, wore a jet-black pantsuit and matching high-heeled shoes to complete the look.

She accessorized her ensemble with a sleek bun and a low-cut beige top. Her gorgeous dark brown hair was styled.

Tallulah, the actor’s 30-year-old daughter, chose to wear pants and a yellow T-shirt. Tallulah wore a black cap with

her father’s initial name in bold white lettering as a loving remembrance of him because her father was not there at the ceremony.

Fans couldn’t help but feel upset that their favorite celebrity, Bruce, wasn’t around. Many asked, ‘Where is Bruce Willis?’ and posted on social media, saying they ‘miss’ him terribly.

There were also questions about his possible health implications from his absence. ‘Bruce, I hope you are doing okay :(,’ said one fan.

We are thinking of Bruce Willis and his beautiful family. Let us reminisce about a more joyous time in the actor’s life: he and his wife renewed their vows on their tenth wedding anniversary with the intention of ‘keeping memories safe.’

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