A couple of notes and the judges jumped out of their seats! The girl took the risk of singing one of the heaviest songs in the world

Since childhood, Serena’s favorite song has been’ I Will Always Love You’ by Whitney Houston. The girl constantly sang it and dreamed of one day performing it in front of a large audience. And now she got her long-awaited chance.

11-year-old Serena from Pisa stood on stage at the Next Star talent show. Lights began to flicker, resembling falling rain. The hall froze with anticipation.

Already from the first notes of her voice, the judges realized that in front of them was a golden nugget.

During the performance, they stood up from their seats and applauded. The audience fully supported them. Shouts of ‘bravo’ were constantly heard from the hall.

Serena was very confident and calm on stage, even when the judges started clapping for her and people

in the audience stopped holding back their tears.If you want to enjoy this talented girl’s emotional performance, watch the video below.

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