Sean Penn, 63, appears “gaunt” and unrecognizable when out for a walk.

The fact that our favorite celebrities age and become older at the same rate as the rest of us is nothing new.

However, we find it shocking when a well-known actor or artist starts to show their age for some reason.

Sure, most A-listers can use pricey lotions and foolish operations to hide their aging process, but eventually they will have to face the fact that aging is an inherent part of being mortal.

The fact that the rest of us get to witness celebrities aging in real time despite not really knowing them may be what makes it so fascinating to us.

We follow their lives as though they were a part of our own family through their varied works and the incessant flashing of paparazzi lenses.

That’s why every time a big star goes out wearing something entirely different, it makes a commotion.

Consider Sean Penn, who was virtually unrecognizable until he was recently observed out and about with dazzling white hair.

The 63-year-old movie icon was reportedly spotted in Malibu with a pack of cigarettes, a white shirt, joggers, and cozy sneakers.

Penn first appeared on screen in the 1981 film Taps. The actor went on to have a successful career after that, winning two Oscars for his performances in Milk (2008) and Mystic River (2003).

In the 1980s, Penn was half of a well-known couple who wed Madonna; nevertheless, their turbulent marriage ended in divorce.

In her biography published just a year ago, author Mary Gabriel asserted a number of things regarding the union,

including Madonna’s desire for a ‘marriage of equals’ and Sean’s preference for more conventional gender roles.

Mary stated that Penn and Madonna’s circumstances had changed by the time of their marriage’s demise in an excerpt that was published in the Sunday Times.

‘In the three years since they [Madonna and Sean] had met she had gone from being an up-and-coming pop star to being the wealthiest female entertainer in the world,’ she wrote.

‘Their expectations for their relationship had also diverged. She wanted a marriage of equals. He had a strong streak of traditionalism that required him to be the ‘man’.’

As for the couple’s divorce and the years that followed, the writer claimed: ‘Years later both took responsibility for the marriage’s demise.

Penn described himself as an angry young man during that period and admitted he was hard to live with. For her part, Madonna said she hadn’t been ready to be married.’

‘She went from being an up-and-coming pop star to being the wealthiest female entertainer in the world in the three years since they [Madonna and Sean] had met,’ she wrote.

They had different expectations for their relationship as well. She desired an equal-partner marriage. He possessed a strong tradition-following streak that made him the ‘man.’

Regarding the divorce and the ensuing years, the author asserted: ‘Years later, both accepted responsibility for the breakdown of the marriage.’

During that time, Penn said he was an angry young man and that he was difficult to live with. Madonna stated that she wasn’t prepared to get married.

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