If you see famous people with small, colorful patches on their faces, this is what it means:

Let us quickly clarify at the beginning of this essay that having zits or pimples is not a bad thing.

For almost everyone, they are an inevitable part of life, and while they can be bothersome at times, appearing out of the blue and typically disappearing after a few days, they are harmless.

Having said that, I can still clearly recall a period of my life when I was willing to spend a significant amount of money to get rid of the zits that looked to be bothering my skin.

Back then, I was younger, and the thought of having a red welt on my face didn’t appeal to me at all.

Apart from washing my face every day and waiting out the storm, what more could I do? As it happens,

there is something you can do these days. and it’s possible that you’ve witnessed a celebrity or two using the method to treat their own acne.

The New York Times reports that the patches come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors and may be bought online or at different drugstores.

The actress Millie Bobby Brown, who is well-known from the television series Stranger Things, gained notoriety earlier this year

when she showed up as a guest on Drew Barrymore’s show and flaunted a purple butterfly patch on her cheek.

It goes without saying that viewers were intrigued by the sticker’s meaning, which sparked a similar

curiosity in pimple patches to Hailey Bieber’s 2020 Instagram story in which she was seen sporting two yellow stars on her cheek.

Meanwhile, Justin Bieber was spotted in public in 2023 sporting three black stars emblazoned over his face.

The New York Times reports that hydrocolloid, an absorbent gel-forming ingredient used by medical practitioners to treat wounds, is commonly used to line pimple patches.

The hydrocolloid absorbs surplus fluid from a wound and fosters a healing environment. In the meantime, the patch or sticker itself keeps the wound underneath clean.

There is nothing wrong with getting pimples, as we mentioned at the beginning of the post, and most of us know exactly what to do (usually nothing at all) when we do. Nevertheless, it’s good to know that there is a widely available substitute that could be worth a shot!

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