A curious cat attempts to run a treadmill after examining Little Girl.

This fact about the fuzzy, four-legged critters is aptly illustrated by a lovely video that was uploaded to YouTube.

The brief one-minute clip opens with a young woman using a treadmill to get some exercise. But it looks

like the young woman has a workout partner—or at least, someone who finds her activities fascinating and interesting.

A mature, black-and-white cat perches behind the treadmill, to the left, observing the girl use the exercise apparatus. It’s obvious the cat is intrigued.

Even when the young girl gets off the machine, it keeps watching the treadmill. In the video, she begs the animal to accompany her multiple times.

The cat approaches the machine cautiously as it tries to understand what’s going on, and eventually it hops on the treadmill and works out.

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