Peter Gallagher describes his 41-year marriage as ‘embarrassing, but…’

Celebrity couples seldom achieve this milestone in their marriage, but Peter Gallagher and his wife Paula Harwood recently celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary.

However, The O.C. veteran recently acknowledged that he usually keeps milestone anniversaries a secret because he considers discussing them to be ‘embarrassing.’

He stated, ‘God, it sounds so embarrassing when you’re in show business, but yes, it’s true,’ on the most recent Modern Love podcast episode from the New York Times.

‘It’s just that people always seem to say, ‘Oh, you know how long we’ve been married?’’ I don’t think it’s something you hear every day, and I never really want to promote it.

He went on to say that after the media learns how long a couple has been together, it becomes the topic of conversation for everyone, but ‘six months later, they’re on the rocks.’

Gallagher thinks discussing milestone anniversaries is ‘dangerous.’ It is not unchangeable.

It is a breathing, alive being. Gallagher’s best advice, after forty years of marriage, is to not file for divorce.

‘A lot of life, including love and work, and the decisions you make, are based more on doubt than confidence,’ he continued.

And it’s having the ability to hear those underground streams speaking to you; you kind of hope that you’re headed in the right path, but there’s not a lot of assurance, I believe.

During their first year at Tufts University, Gallagher and Harwood became friends. The wedding took place on May 7, 1983. Their two adult children, James, 27, and Kathryn, 30, are together.

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