Heartfelt Call From A Young Woman To Her Late Mother , Telling Her Good News

In a touching yet depressing video, a young medical student informs her mother that she has been accepted into her dream residency program.

She had called and left a message for her mother, but she had passed away. The phone call Paighton Noel made to her mother in 2020 was a follow-up to the same call.

Paighton called her mother at that point to inform her that she had been admitted to the University of Utah’s medical program.

The future physician claimed that even though others would think she was crazy for calling and leaving a message for her mother, she felt compelled to do so.

‘It might sound strange to call my deceased mother, but it just felt like it would be crazy not to include her in that moment,’ Paighton explained.

‘It was just like I was missing my mom, who is my person.’ Paighton informed her mother by voicemail that she would be an OBGYN at UNC-Chapel Hill in North Carolina,

while battling through tears. Since we never know how much time we will have left with our loved ones, we should make the most of every second.

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