A Turkey’s Adorable First Reaction to Sunshine Will Make Your Day Brighter. Video

A YouTube video, however, caught a turkey in its early outside minutes. Kevin, the delightfully called turkey,

ventured outside for the first time and appeared completely mesmerized by the large, toasty yellow circle in the sky.

The animal is obviously confused when a woman behind the camera asks it what it thinks of the sun.

The animal then tilts its head to the side, absorbing this novel experience. Kevin, having been saved from a butcher, ventures outside once more and begins to acclimate to his new environment.

The bird quickly finds grass, that green object that appears out of nowhere. Kevin decides to taste the grass a short while later.

Animals are amazing beings. More often than not, they are more perceptive and intelligent than most people would care to acknowledge.

Taking in this whole new experience and setting, Kevin felt something was off right away and proceeded with extreme caution.

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