A giant dog gives a child a crawling lesson. Cutest video will bring you joy.

Animals are known to have a special bond with human babies. You’ll hear several people who have pets at home tell stories about the bond between their children and their pets.

Mia and Niko’s story is no different. Niko, a female Alaskan Malamute, is very protective of Mia, a sweet little baby.

Mia is also the child of Niko’s owners. The two share a special friendship that is common among babies and pets. Nico loves to follow Mia around the house fearing that the baby could get hurt at any moment.

The family dog ​​also loves to be entertained by the little one’s antics. Mia is big enough to learn the art of crawling around the house. However, Nico doesn’t feel confident watching Mia try to crawl on her own.

So, Niko decides to teach little Mia the art of crawling. After watching the baby’s several unsuccessful attempts to crawl, Niko shows the baby how to do it. Then she herself slowly crawls on the bed so that the child can observe and learn art.

Niko tries several times to teach little Mia to crawl. However, the baby prefers to ignore the lessons taught to him by his caring pet. Finally, Nico decides to take a nap since it’s too early for her.

Meanwhile, little Mia decides to take a break from crawling lessons and prefers to play with the sleeping Niko.

She tugs at the sleeping animal’s fur and also loves to lie on Nico’s warm fur. They both have an incredible connection and are very close to each other.

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