Today, in this 66-year-old aged woman without makeup and hairstyle, it is difficult to recognize the beauty that all men were in love with in the 80s…

You may have already guessed that this photo shows the actress who played Maggie in the famous film ‘The Thorn Birds.’

40 years ago she was called the beauty of cinema, but, unfortunately, time does not spare even such beauties!

Today this woman, who turned 66 years old, is difficult to recognize without makeup and styling.

She still has natural beauty, but the era has changed her appearance. ‘She was a real beauty,’ ‘I can’t believe it,’ ‘She has changed so much,’ users comment.

‘Beautiful actress’, ‘I always loved this film’. ‘Isn’t this Maggie?’ comments are heard under Ward’s photographs.

Did you immediately guess who is shown in the photo? Do you like the film ‘The Thorn Birds?’

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