When discussing the influence his father had on other people’s lives, Robert Irwin, the late Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, broke down in tears.

A sad and unpleasant aspect of existence is death. It’s never easy to lose a loved one, and there will always be a great deal of pain and suffering involved.

This is particularly true when a close relative, such a parent or sibling, passes away. You will probably feel that sting for the rest of your life, if not decades.

Robert Irwin has experienced the loss of a parent. Steve Irwin, his father, was murdered by a stingray during an encounter.

When his father passed away, Robert was just a young boy. Without their cherished father and spouse, he, his mother, and his sister were forced to lead courageous lives.

Robert broke down in tears talking about his father during a recent podcast appearance, years after his father’s death.

He spoke particularly of the ways in which his father had influenced and touched the lives of others.

He said that he gets approached by strangers frequently telling him how much they liked and admired his late father.

Robert remarked, ‘This is probably the most powerful thing.’ People will approach me, and it’s a very personal matter.

And a lot of times, you know, individuals will say, ‘I grew up without a father figure.’ People will claim, ‘I grew up without a father figure, and your dad, Robert,

was, was a father figure to me,’ regardless of how they pass away or under what other circumstances.

Robert realizes that, even though his father was only around for a brief period of time, he was extremely fortunate to have had such a significant influence on other people. ‘I was lucky,’ he remarked. ‘I got incredibly lucky.’

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